The Robot Engineers

A group of proven robotics engineers working freelance. By combining our tech-specific expertise and experience in industrial automation we can boost your production facility. Whether you need hardware and software design, vision algorithms, AI or pneumatics, even if you are not sure yet, we can offer a broad range of solutions together, or as individuals.

Contact us at or contact one of us directly through our personal info below.

Tom Dalhuisen
Freelance Mobile
Robot Engineer

Tom is specialised in the design, fabrication and implementation of autonomous mobile robots.

+31 6 53 78 59 10

Maarten de Vries
Freelance Robot
Software Engineer

Maarten is a software architect and system integrator. You can hire him for engineering jobs and to train your engineers.

+31 6 24 14 97 21

Bas van Mil
Freelance Robot
Gripper Engineer

Bas is specialised in the design, fabrication and assembly of robotic end-effectors and other high-tech mechanical solutions.

+31 6 43 49 60 50

Hans Gaiser
Freelance Robot
Vision Engineer

Hans is specialised in designing and optimising vision algorithms and AI for robotic solutions.

+31 6 53 23 27 53

Guus Paris
Freelance Robot
Adviser & Engineer

Guus is specialised in helping you decide what and how to automate. Guus offers technical consultancy and engineering services.

+31 6 30 31 45 89


Are you a freelancer in the field of robotics looking to share an office and the opportunity to work together? Contact us for more information.