Need help ? - The Robot Engineers
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A group of senior robotics engineers working freelance. Several clients that came before you:

Fizyr B.V. ROCSYS B.V. Luo Automation B.V. Technische Universiteit Delft Viroteq B.V>
RAMLAB B.V. Loop Robots B.V. Ventil Test Equipment B.V. WSR Solutions B.V. XOsight B.V.

Contact us at or contact one of us directly through our personal info below.

Tom Dalhuisen
Freelance Mobile
Robot Engineer

Tom is specialised in the design, fabrication and implementation of autonomous mobile robots.

+31 6 53 78 59 10

Maarten de Vries
Freelance Robot
Software Engineer

Maarten is specialised in the Rust programming language, software architecture and system integration. You can hire him for engineering and consultancy work.

+31 6 24 14 97 21

Bas van Mil
Freelance Robot
Gripper Engineer

Bas is specialised in the design, fabrication and assembly of robotic end-effectors and other high-tech mechanical solutions.

+31 6 43 49 60 50

Hans Gaiser
Freelance Robot
Vision Engineer

Hans is specialised in designing and optimising vision algorithms and AI for robotic solutions.

+31 6 53 23 27 53

Guus Paris
Freelance Robot
Adviser & Engineer

Guus is specialised in advancing your robotics project from start to realisation, de-risking the process through thoughtful prototyping.

+31 6 30 31 45 89

Mathijs van der Vegt
Freelance DevOps & IoT Engineer

Mathijs is specialised in building, hosting & deploying robotic solutions in manufacturing processes and across servers.

+31 6 15 55 70 06